OUR fundamentals of design TUTORIALS WILL HELP YOU

Design a great lecture, presentation

Many people dread having to deliver their content. That's because they design a report or a paper and try to present it. When those presentations become difficult to deliver and don't go well, they fault their delivery skills. It is their design skills, however, that have let them down. 'Present!' will help you design a great presentation that you can deliver with ease.

Design effective audio-visuals

Some presenters think that designing their PowerPoint slides is the same as designing their presentation. This causes them to put their speaker's notes in their audio-visual aids. The result? A boring presentation for the audience and a difficult presentation to deliver.

Design great discussions

Many presenters let their audience have the last word by leaving the question and answer session until the very end... That's all well and good as long as the crankiest person in the room doesn't make your closing remarks for you. 'Present!' will help you design your discussions so they work well for both you and your audience.

Course Details

'Present!' tuition: $60 + $9.00 HST.

This tuition includes unlimited access to your course, support in designing your presentation and access to a community of learners interested in developing the same skill.

an online course which consists of video tutorials that will help you:

  1. Clarify the purpose of your presentation;
  2. Calculate the amount of information you can include in your presentation;
  3. Design a presentation that you and the audience will remember;
  4. Create effective audio-visual aids including PowerPoint, flip charts and Prezi;
  5. Design great group discussions;
  6. Create a great script and useful speaker's notes;
  7. Receive assistance from an experienced presentation/facilitation consultant.

Watch this three-part cautionary tale and learn how Present! can help.