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Training for Trainers, Teachers and Faculty

We design and deliver workshops for educators in corporate, university and college settings. Our workshops will help you design experiential learning and help you bring it to life through effective facilitation skills. Contact us if you are interested in honing your design and delivery skills.

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Customized Design

We can help you create a program specifically for your organization including lesson plans, participant materials and innovative visuals and videos. We ensure that your teachers/faculty are well equipped to deliver the content effectively and with ease.

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Creative Visual Design

Good learning designers know that learning plans, visual aids, handouts/workbooks and speaker's notes are separate facets - they look and serve different purposes. We can help you create innovative visuals and coach you on how to incoporate new technology in using our visuals as effective teaching aids.

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Collaborative Leadership Development

We design and deliver workshops that help leaders hone their collaborative leadership skills by strengthening their ability to diagnose and intervene in team dynamics and lead collaborative decision making processes.