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A case of Michigan J. Frog Syndrome?

Have you ever stood up to speak to a group of people and just before opening your mouth had a terrifying flashback to The Singing Frog in the old Looney Tunes Cartoon?  Michigan J. Frog, if you recall, was the top-hatted secret Vaudeville sensation who could sing up a storm of show-stoppers in the privacy of his own shoebox.   Destined for all-but-stardom, he reverted to a croaking toad when called upon to perform in public. 

Sound familiar?  Chances are, you are like a lot of people who are passionate and focused about your work but for various reasons just aren’t able to convey your message as you would wish.

Many capable and talented people don't enjoy delivering presentations.  Past experiences of things not going well can lead some people to doubt their delivery skills and experience great discomfort at the prospect of public speaking.  The truth of the matter is that the problem more often lies in your presentation’s design than in your personal skills as a speaker.

Presentation Skills (For Those Who Would Rather Not)  will help you design an effective presentation that you can deliver with confidence and ease by teaching you how to 

  • create a purpose statement that lets you clearly state and focus on your goals for the presentation
  • develop an effective outline that identifies your key topics and sub- points
  • sequence your content for maximum audience retention and ease of delivery
  • calculate the amount of information to include
  • determine what content to keep and what to toss or put in your reference materials
  • generate discussions that teach and that make your delivery easier
  • produce effective audio-visual aids
  • deliver your important points in a way that suits your own unique style
  • develop your own, fantastic presentation—one that you might even look forward to delivering.

Alison McEachern, your course instructor, has been helping people design their presentations and workshops for over 22 years. She owns McEachern & Associates Consulting Inc., a company devoted to helping individuals present and facilitate effectively.


When: Join us for our session on September, 2015

Logistics: Coffee, tea and lunch will be provided for each session. The class size is limited to 20 people. This gives each person lots of opportunities to practice in a non-threatening learning environment.

Cost: $395 + HST including lunch, materials and access to videotaping services (optional for those who choose to be videotaped).

Location: 2463 Rocky Lake Drive, The Village Hall, Waverley, Nova Scotia