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Click to download an updated, expanded Energizers/Ice Breakers cook book.

Click to download the Ruhl, Hughes, and Schloss study on the impact discussions have on retention rates of lectures.

Click to download our flipchart notes. If you need more help with Flip Charts, contact Kelly O'Neil:

Click to download a pdf of the Experiential Design Work Sheet. 

Cool Tools and Resources

This is the podcast I referred to. The 'Switchtracking', 'Stereotype Threat', and 'Students and Teachers' episodes are very interesting and relevant. Heck, they're all interesting!

I use Tiny Scanner to create pdf files from the flip chart notes Kelly and/or I transcribe when we're doing workshops or public consultations. It's easier to work with the notes when they're on 8.5 x 11 paper. Flip chart paper can be pretty inconvenient to work with when you're creating follow-up reports.

Screencast-O-Matic lets you create video tutorials for your students. It's free.

This is a great video about the fact that many of us have many true callings, not just one.

Great Courses on Thinking and Learning

I love Coursera. It's an organization that brings the best educators in the world directly to us. You and members of your community can take a course from Harvard, Princeton, Wesleyan University (the best Universities in the world) right now, for free. Anyone can start studying right now. Geography, money, educational background are no longer barriers. I try to encourage every young student, every senior citizen, everyone to consider learning something new. Why not start a community learning group?

Websites That Help Us Explore Biases and the Impact They Have