Here's a 'recipe booklet' of energizers and activities you could use in your training workshops. Just click to download.

This is the podcast I referred to in our workshop. The 'Switchtracking', 'Stereotype Threat', and 'Students and Teachers' episodes are very interesting and relevant. Heck, they're all interesting!

I use Tiny Scanner to create pdf files from the flip chart notes Kelly and/or I transcribe when we're doing workshops or public consultations. It's easier to work with the notes when they're on 8.5 x 11 paper. Flip chart paper can be pretty inconvenient to work with when you're creating follow-up reports.

Scroll down to see other useful resources on biases, hidden gorillas, etc. : - )

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Websites that help us explore biases and the impact they have

Presentation Resources

How much information should I include?

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How can I design and lead a good discussion?

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