Engaging Design and Delivery

May, 2018, Toronto, ON

This workshop brings the best of what educational psychology and performing arts have to offer to trainers, educators, presenters who want to improve their design and delivery skills. It will help you determine how to design your presentations and workshops for maximum impact and retention. It will help you deliver in a way that brings out your best. Specifically, it will help you:

  • Connect with your audience
  • Articulate your most important points in interesting ways
  • Design your presentations or training for maximum retention
  • Engage groups in highly participative discussions
  • Incorporate techniques that will help you deliver in an engaging way
  • Develop a greater comfort with delivering in your own unique way

Why We Created This Workshop

Whether you present, lecture, lead workshops or teams, you will find this workshop rewarding and fun. We created Connect because we've met too many talented people constrained by design and delivery rules that don't actually exist. (i.e. "I have to use PowerPoint." "I can't appear nervous." "I have to know everything about the subject.") Connect brings together learning psychology and performing arts.

Training for Trainers Workshop

May, 2018, Dartmouth, NS

If you are a trainer or teacher who is interested in how people learn and how you can incorporate educational best practices in your program design and delivery, then this two-day workshop will be of interest to you. Helping learners develop new skill, knowledge and attitude requires more than the ability to deliver an effective lecture. It requires excellent questioning and listening skills. It requires insight into group dynamics. It requires an understanding of how people learn and how to design a learning environment that brings out the best in people.

 Our 2-day Training for Trainers Workshop will help you:

  • Value the role of effective facilitation skills in creating a successful learning environment
  • Design an effective learning process that incorporates variety in learning methods (lecture, discussions, simulations, etc.)
  • Facilitate that process effectively by: asking questions that teach, leading effective discussions, responding to questions and comments with purpose and encouraging full participation in the classroom
  • Intervene diplomatically in common and challenging classroom dynamics
  • Practice and hone your training design and delivery skills


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