Design and Facilitation Skills for Trainers


November 28 & 29 in Halifax

Training for Trainers, Teachers and Faculty

Do you design training? Do you deliver training? If you do, we invite you to join us for this two-day results-oriented workshop that will change the way you design and facilitate learning. College faculty, occupational health and safety trainers, diversity and inclusion facilitators, learning and development specialists and many others have found this workshop has helped them:

  • Design new training and/or ‘tweak’ existing training to make it more engaging and effective

  • Develop a complete training package including learning objectives and workshop agenda, speaker’s notes, effective audio visuals (meaning minimal slides), workbooks, and interesting/relevant participant discussions and exercises

  • Deliver great lectures

  • Lead interesting and productive discussions

  • Respond diplomatically to common challenging classroom dynamics

  • Verify the effectiveness of training through quizzes, hands-on exercises and other evaluation tools

  • Develop greater confidence as an educator

Alison practiced what she preached. We got to see and experience how to apply the theories. Great original material!

At Designing Great Workshops you will:


Learn how people learn - How much information can we listen to without getting bored? How fast can humans process new information? How can we use this information to calculate how much information to include?

Use active learning to boost engagement and learning retention - How and when can we use discussions and learning activities to refresh attention spans and improve retention?

Design discussions, practice sessions, learning activities that help people learn - How can we incorporate active learning principles in a way that helps us teach better, more efficiently and more effectively?


Create excellent learning materials - What’s the difference between learning plans, visual aids, handouts/workbooks and speaker's notes? How can we create innovative learning materials and visuals? What new technologies exist to help us create excellent materials and visuals?

Respond to challenging classroom dynamics diplomatically - What behaviours are acceptable and which ones are problematic in a classroom setting? How can we prevent common and challenging classroom dynamics? How should we respond to common challenging dynamics that occur?

Excellent examples, tips, tricks, best practices! Good strategies to take back and apply right away. Good confidence builder.

Is This Workshop For You?


This workshop is designed for people who design and deliver training sessions/courses* for groups of 7 or more people. If you are interested in receiving more information or want to attend, please fill out the application form below. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

*Please note: A workshop or course is different than a presentation. A presentation is typically one hour or less.

Provided practical tools and resources to take home to use right away.

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